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Workouts to Help Your Golf Game

July 16, 2012

Golf and Fitness

If you’re just getting started, golf is not only a fun game to learn and play – it’s also great exercise! And – some of the workouts you already do can help your golf game.

Golf Fitness: Walk the Course

If you want to get a workout while you’re playing golf – ditch the cart and walk the course. Over a round of golf you can walk three to six miles, depending on the length of the course. That’s a lot of calories burned! Golf is also going to be more fun than being in a gym or running on a treadmill. You can spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors while getting your workout in.

Golf Fitness: Core Strength

workouts to help your golf game

If you want to boost your golf game with the exercise you’re already doing – look at boosting your endurance and flexibility. Being in better shape and being flexible can help you play better and avoid injuries on the golf course.

Core strength is a big part of playing golf – we’re talking about your abdominal muscles, back and hips. Good core strength will help you have a strong foundation for your swing and help you have more control when working on your short game. These workouts from the Mayo Clinic are a great place to start to strengthen your core.

Golf Fitness: Core Strength and Flexibility

Flexibility is a huge part of your golf game – you need to have a good range of motion to have a great swing. Stretching before you play is key – make sure your shoulders, torso and hips are warmed up before you go hitting balls on the driving range or head out to play a few holes. Yoga and pilates are perfect fitness routines to help your golf game because they are great ways to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Leg lunges will also help your golf game by warming up your legs. For many golfers – especially women – get their power from their legs. Make sure to hold each lunge stretch for at least 10 seconds to really warm up your muscles.

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