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Golf Drill for a Better Backswing

September 26, 2012

Improve Your Backswing and Gain More Power and Consistency

A common mistake that golfers make is they try and lift the club up when taking the club back.  When you lift the club up, you’re creating what people call a “chicken wing” with the elbow.  The elbow is pointing up to the sky at the top of your swing.  When you do this, your club will go past parallel at the top of your swing.   You will lose power in your golf swing and you will not be consistent.

Here’s a simple golf drill to work on the proper technique:

  • Envision that your head is the hub of a wheel
  • Envision that your arms and club are the spokes of the wheel
  • Stand straight up and swing the club around your body to create a “wheel”
  • Your elbow goes naturally into a 90 degree angle towards your body when you take the club back.
  • If you lift the club up, you will break the spoke of the wheel!

Good Luck!

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