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Weathering the Cold on the Course

November 5, 2012

Tips for Golfing in Cold Weather

Winter is almost upon us, but as true Minnesotans, we won’t put away our clubs until there is at least a foot of snow on the ground. However, with this die-hard spirit comes some pretty grueling temperatures and varying conditions. We’ve compiled a few suggestions to help you bear the elements this fall so that you can get in every last round this season has to offer!

Dress Appropriately

Extra socks: Because you don’t want your feet to get scrunched inside your golf shoes, try to pick a thin first layer sock that will help insulate, rather than just get bulky and uncomfortable.

Winter hat: Remember, we lose most of our heat out of our heads, so it’s especially important to cover your head when you play in the cold.

Cart mitts: Although normal gloves/mittens work just as well at keeping your hands warm, we recommend getting a good pair of cart mitts. They’re also oversized so you don’t have to take off your golf glove between every stroke.

Hand warmers: BRING SOME! You won’t regret it.

Play Smart

Take more club: Cold air can reduce the length of your shots by 10% or more, so put your ego aside and remember to club up. When your approach shot lands on the green and your buddies’ land 20 yards short, they won’t question your choice.

Keep ball flight low: both around the greens and off the tee, you’re more likely to score better if you keep the ball down. Not only does the ball tend to fly less distance, but also spin is also drastically reduced in cold weather. Rather than trying to pitch a shot to stick just a few inches from the hole, you’re best going for the bump and run, where the effects of the spin are less relevant.

Be realistic: The weather is worse, don’t expect your game to be better! Many of us go out every round with the intention of shooting our personal best, but when you know Mother Nature is against you, why hold yourself to the same standard? You’ll enjoy yourself more if you simply enjoy the fact that you’re out there, rather than expect the world of yourself.

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  1. Linkerpan permalink
    October 8, 2013 6:40 pm

    The secret to golf in the cold is: Iowa in November, Tennessee in December, Arizona in January, Florida in February and back to Iowa in March. Just don’t spend your vacation days in the summer.

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