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Be Better

November 16, 2012

Comments From Bryan Skavnak

I played golf with a guy once who said, “I haven’t hit a bad drive in a while, so I’m probably due.”

You don’t hop in your car in the morning and think, “Well, I haven’t run my car into that tree in a long time, so I’m probably due.”

So, why are we always focused on the bad stuff?

I have students that constantly say to me after every shot, “What was wrong with that one? or “What did I do wrong there?”


What did I do wrong?

Why do you want to know what you did wrong all the time?  So you can PREVENT yourself from doing something wrong again?

When I cook dinner for my family, which is usually the choice between fajitas or ice cream pie (I’m not exactly a culinary wiz), I don’t ask my wife when we’re eating, “So, what is it that you hate about this meal?”

You don’t walk up the stairs trying NOT to fall down.  You don’t eat food trying NOT to stab yourself with your fork.

Obstacles are inevitable.  You can choose to look at them as a hassle or you can choose to be better.

So, here’s some homework…

All you have to do is listen to the people around you.  Listen to what they say.  Listen for excuses they make.  Listen for blame they place.  Listen for the overwhelming wave of negativity.

Then be the exact opposite person.

Give compliments.  Accept responsibility.  Work harder.  Smile more.

Be better.

Be a better parent.

Be a better student.

Be a better employee

Be a better kid.

Be a better boss.

There is a path to getting to where you want to go.  In golf or in life.  You just have to get there.  There will be obstacles.  There will be things that try to push you to a different path.  But, it all comes down to you finding your way down the right path.  It starts with you.

Stop focusing on all the obstacles that MAY be in your way.  Be better.

Bryan Skavnak is a guest blogger for the Minnesota PGA. Owner of Bryan Skavnak Golf Academy, Author of The Happiest Golfer, Founder of The Daddy Caddy. Learn more at…or check out Buffalo Wild Wings.  He’s probably there.

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