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Improve Your Putting Alignment

December 12, 2013

Train Your Eyes to Improve Your Putting

Eric Chiles demonstrates a putting station set-up to improve your alignment.

Eric Chiles demonstrates a putting station set-up to improve your alignment.

The golf season is now officially over in Minnesota but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on your game.  Winter is a great time to work on your short game because it can be done inside and in your own home!  Even better, it doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t take much time.

Did you know, some of the best putting teachers are optometrists?  They understand that eyes behave differently and the way I look at it, you need to train your eyes to align yourself properly.  If you aren’t lined up properly before you putt, you won’t be successful.

Every winter, I set up a putting station in my basement.   All you need is a long piece of string and some tape.

  • Step 1:  Simply make a straight line with the string.

  • Step 2:  Mark a spot about a foot in front of the ball with the tape.

  • Step 3:  Address the ball

Now, do you notice where your eyes think the ball is going to end up?  If you are like me, it looks like the ball is going to end up to the right of the “hole” or the end of the string.  Depending on which eye is the most dominant, your ball appears that it would end up either right or left of the hole.  So, to train your eyes and to align yourself up properly, you need to trust the markings and the string because it is a true straight line.

I recommend doing this alignment drill three times a week.  Sometimes you don’t even need to hit a putt.  Just set the putter down and look at the markings and down the line.  If I take a week or two off and when I come back to the putting station, the line looks really crooked.  So it’s important to do this consistently and you’ll definitely improve your putting.

Eric Chiles is our 2013 Minnesota PGA Section Teacher of the Year and is the Director of Instruction at Chaska Town Course.  Eric has a passion for helping his students and since 1996, Eric estimates he has taught over 8,000 students.  He uses a secret that Hank Haney shared with him to continue to be successful “A student doesn’t know how much you know until they know how much you care”.  

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