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Avoid Slow Play on a Golf Course

April 11, 2014

8 Easy Tips to Play Quicker Golf

Avoid Slow Play on the Golf Course

Avoid Slow Play on the Golf Course

Slow Play.  Unfortunately we are seeing this as a common occurrence on the PGA Tour this past month.  A few weeks ago,  the final group played 9 holes in 3 hours and they were a threesome! I know we can’t control how the PGA Tour handles slow play, but we can control how fast we play ourselves.

Here are 8 easy tips to pick up the pace on your next golf round:

  1. Arrive to the golf course at least 30 minutes before your tee time.  Report to the first tee at least five minutes before your tee time.  Your tee time equals when you should be hitting the ball.  Make sure you have all the necessary equipment such as balls, tees, scorecard, pencil etc.
  2. Play Ready Golf!  When you are ready to go, play away.   Yes, we always want to be courteous and polite with your playing partners, but if it’s clear from the start it’ll make the round go quicker.
  3. Tee It Forward.  Keep your ego at home and make sure you are playing the correct set of tees based on your ability.   It’ll make the round much more enjoyable for you and your playing partners.
  4. Keep pace with the group in front of you and not the group behind you.
  5. Continuous Putting.  If your group struggles around the green, continue to putt until the ball is holed.
  6. Park your cart or place your golf bag on the side of the green nearest to the next tee.
  7. Practice Swings.  Unless you are attempting an awkward shot, limit yourself to one practice swing.  Years ago, I actually stopped taking a practice swing.  For me, this eliminated the second-guessing of what club to hit and conserves energy.
  8. Scorecards should be marked as quickly as possible after completing the hole, but it is best to mark the cards at the next tee.  When finishing your last hole, tally up your whole scorecard in the clubhouse and not on the 18th green.

We’ve had a long winter off so it’ll be nice to be out and enjoy the outdoors finally.  Just remember a couple of these tips the first time you tee it up this Spring and have fun out there!

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