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Professional Golf Tip: How to Hit a Bunker Shot

August 18, 2014

Golf Tip for Bunker Shots

Getting out of a bunker can be tricky. In this video, PGA Professional Greg Schulze gives us a couple good tips for greenside bunker play.

As with any good shot, set up is crucial. First, draw an arrow in the sand that is aimed through the ball towards the hole. Then, draw another line that runs parallel to the arrow that you drew. Lastly, draw a line in the sand that is perpendicular to the ball.

Next, stand square over the perpendicular line with the clubface pointing down the arrow. Now turn the clubface to the right. At this angle the ball would go the right. In order to get a straight shot you must adjust your body. Angle your body so that the clubface is down the target line. Your body should now be slightly left of the target line. Your swing should be along your body line but since the clubface is being pointed at the target the ball should go in the desired direction.

Now, keeping your body and clubface at those angles, swing through to hit the ball. The ball should lift out of the bunker and onto the green. This simple drill should help you make those tricky bunker shots.

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