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Tricks for Buying Golf Equipment

March 6, 2015

When To Buy Golf Equipment and How to Get The Most for Your Money

When it comes times to buy new golf equipment, what are some tips and tricks to get the best deals? Golf GearThere are so many different options these days: on-course pro shops, big-box retailers, and the return of 2nd Swing, not to mention online options like Amazon Golf and Craigslist. We asked Southview Country Club Director of Golf Phil Anderson for some advice on when to buy golf equipment, and how to make the most of your money.

When to Buy

“Spring is by far the most exciting time to buy golf gear,” Anderson says. “All of the new clubs have launched and you’ve been able to see how they perform on tour through the West Coast swing.” Local demo days are the best first step to hit equipment side-by-side and get a good idea of what you’re looking for. The next step to a good purchase with golf clubs is visiting your local PGA professional to have them fit for you. Buying a club right off the rack rarely fits the player properly. Look for some help and advice from your local golf shops. Keep in mind, most shops will take your used equipment as a trade-in against the new purchase.

New vs. Used

While everyone loves a great deal, if the clubs don’t fit your game, you will just be wasting money. Technology also moves fast, so sometimes going with older, used gear will save you money, but also cause you to miss out on significant improvements. “I think being upfront with your PGA professional on the price point you’re looking to spend will really help in the fitting process, and some companies offer prior year models that you can still custom fit to your specs at a discounted rate,” says Anderson.

When it comes to drivers specifically, Anderson thinks fit is crucial. “Every year the technology of the drivers gets better and more in-depth, with all sorts of different settings. The value in the club is finding the right driver setting that fits you. Too many golfers purchase a club that doesn’t fit them. Regardless of the price point, it will not help you enjoy the game more.”

Online Resources

There are plenty of places to research equipment online, and a wealth of great advice. Here are some great resources:

  • Golf Digest has a slideshow for beginners that explains the basics of club purchasing, and also has some great tips for golfers of all levels.

While there are lots of great “deals” out there, don’t forget the importance of finding clubs that fit your game and the role that the PGA professional plays in the process. Good fit + good deals = more fun (and growth in the game).

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