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Berry Earns Spot in Fourth Straight 3M Championship

July 31, 2015

Minnesota Section PGA member Don Berry of Edinburgh USA found himself in familiar territory on Tuesday in the 3M Championship Event Qualifying at Victory Links GC in Blaine, MN. For the second time in three years, Berry was in a sudden death playoff after an 18-hole round in which he and three others shot a 2-under, 69. “I knew I could do it since I had done it before. It was good to have that confidence of knowing it is possible, and if I was told I had a 50% chance of making it going into the round; I would have had high hopes” said Berry.

The playoff was between Berry, Patrick Horgan (P.H. Horgan III), Lance Tenbroeck, and Peter Fowler who were competing for the final two spots permitted through the qualifier. Berry was coming off a disappointing outing, to his standards, in the State Open but put that behind him quick; “I use it as an advantage because I play the odds game, if I didn’t play very well I know I am due for a better round the next time.” Turns out, he was due for a breakthrough in the 3M qualifier. Peter Fowler was the first to be eliminated after hitting one out of bounds on the first playoff hole while the others managed pars. The second playoff hole ended with the three golfers remaining all scoring pars. The third playoff hole would be enough for Berry and Patrick Horgan of West Palm Beach, FL to solidify their spots in the 3M Championship after they parred their third consecutive hole and Tenbroeck bogeyed ending his chances at advancing.

Berry, one of the state’s most prolific golfers and a Minnesota Golf Hall of Fame inductee, will make his fourth consecutive trip to the 3M Championship. “Playing in this tournament is awesome, especially with Tom Watson in the field this year. Seeing all these players on the course, range, and locker room is special and being close to home makes it even better,” Berry emphasized. He beat out many of the best golfers across the nation which speaks volume to the caliber of player Berry is and has been for many years.

“My favorite memory has to be when I was paired with Mark Calcavecchia my first time in the tournament. My little kid was there watching, and Mark went over and talked to him. He also got some pictures with a caddy bib on him and that is definitely the moment that sticks out to me,” said Berry who has had countless memories at the tournament over the past three years.

Follow Berry live as he is the last tee time of the day at 12:20 pm starting on the front nine. His pairing includes Jeff Hart, Jeff Coston, and himself.

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