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Meet Northern Director Scott McDonald

November 12, 2015

Congratulations to Minnesota Section Member Scott McDonald of Minnewaska Golf Club for being elected the new Northern Director on the Board of Directors at this year’s Minnesota Section Fall Meeting. We were able to talk to Scott about his golf background and career.

When and what made you decide being a PGA professional was what you wanted to do?

After I graduated college, I worked the rest of the summer at Fairbault Golf Club and really enjoyed my time there. My game had improved to the point where I could pass the PAT, and I thought why not give the business a try. I started the next season at Twin Lakes Golf Club in Indianapolis, IN and was hooked. I loved how it was a job but didn’t feel like it. It is essentially constant customer service. I loved the human interaction and helping people.

What is the biggest factor or area of improvement towards growing and promoting golf in Minnesota?

Golf needs to be fun for everyone. For some people that is a 2100 yard par three course, but for other people it tends to be a 7400 yard giant. It needs to be fun no matter the audience. Obviously it is important to get juniors playing, but I also think it is important to get everyone playing. Playing golf in the non-traditional way is very important. Whether it be: foot golf, using big cups, 3 hole courses, tee it forward or even playing golf with the radio pumping. Golf is meant to be enjoyable and we, as golf professionals, need to embrace that.

What is the best advice ever given to you?

“Golf is a game, enjoy it.”

Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

All of the golf professionals over the years. Ken Gorg, Jon Vee, Kirk Hanaway, Jamie Alderman and Jim Kidd; I took a little bit from each of them and that has shaped my entire philosophy towards the game of golf.

Excluding the game of golf, what do you love to do when not around the course?

I love to spend time with my family—my beautiful wife and my beautiful twin daughters. I love watching sports and attending sporting events. If time permits, I love getting in shape for the upcoming golf season; we all know there is no time during the season!

Congratulations, Scott.

The Minnesota Section PGA consists of PGA Professionals who are experts in the game and business of golf. Our mission is to promote the enjoyment and involvement of the game of golf and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals, the golf industry, people who play golf or would like to start playing golf. PGA Section Offices oversee the 41 geographic regions throughout the United States and provide the grass-roots network for the nation’s 25 million amateur golfers and with the PGA’s 27,000 members.

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