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What Should Be on Every Golfer’s Christmas List?

December 11, 2015

Golfers, the holidays are approaching rather quickly and time is running out for you to both find gifts for family and friends as well as add to your Christmas List. Here are some great, innovative ideas that can help ease the frustration that goes along with holiday shopping.

  1. Animal Head Covers by Daphne’s: You had to have known that head covers was going to be on this list! Daphne’s Head Covers, used most notably by Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Darren Clarke in addition to many other PGA and LPGA golfers, provide a wide array of affordable, unique animal head covers. These can be very simple or they can be customized to suit your interests. Daphne’s can be found in most pro shops and golf stores as well as online through the link above.
  2. GOLF BOOKS: This gift may appeal more to the older, more sophisticated golfer. If you are or know someone who is an avid reader and loves to travel, golf books provide the perfect gift. To give you a head start, check out this website that provides some of the world’s best golf books and prints.
  3. ECCO Golf Shoes: If you want to add some pizazz and swagger to your golf attire, ECCO Shoes are the way to go. ECCO has been on the rise in recent years and has made a name for itself in the golf industry. Oh did I mention these shoes are ridiculously comfortable on top of their unique styles. Definitely a must if you are in the market for golf or casual shoes.
  4. Golf Gloves: Chances are your golf glove has seen better days and experienced a significant amount of wear and tear throughout the long golf year. What better than to gear up for the upcoming golf season with new golf glove(s)! They are easily accessible through online stores, golf stores, and local pro shops making for a great holiday gift.
  5. Golf Lessons from your local PGA Professional: Golf Lessons would provide the most value of all the items mentioned on this year’s Golfer Christmas List. Everyone needs golf lessons, even the best golfers in the world have a swing coach or take lessons. Luckily for us, we have some of the best instructors and teachers here in the Minnesota Section. Contact a local PGA Professional/Director of Instruction to get lessons and properly prepare yourself for the upcoming season!
  6. New Golf Grips: Similar to golf gloves, golf grips are bound to get worn out—it is inevitable. It is never too early to get ready for the upcoming season. This would also give the golfer time to get familiar with and used to the new grip prior to the beginning of the golf year. (Hint: it may be advantageous to ask for the golfer’s preference on grip styles, color, texture, etc.)
  7. Customized Golf Balls: Sometimes doing something little can go a long way. Now, it may not be overly thrilling to receive a case or sleeve of golf balls, but if they were customized and personalized, it would add more flare to the gift. Many brands offer the ability to customize their golf balls with initials, numbers, logos, and more! For example, here are custom imprinting balls from Titleist.

We all understand how daunting and time consuming shopping can be around the holiday season. Use these golf gift recommendations above to remove a little stress that can accumulate during the holidays!

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