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Winter Golfing Advice: The Grind Never Stops

February 3, 2016

Looking for tips and advice to improve your golf game this winter? Search no further.

2015 PGA Championship Participant and Minnesota Section PGA Teacher of the Year, Brent Snyder, offers great insight on how to stay busy and involved with golf during the winter.

As many of us know, the winter provides optimal time for reflection of the previous year. It allows you to dig deep into statistics as well as other assessments of your game to discover the areas where improvement is needed but also bright spots that can be turned into strengths.

“Too often I see too much time spent dedicated to weaknesses, and although they do improve, the strengths have become neglected,” emphasized Snyder. He mentions that taking breaks can be important to an extent, but for his students that are willing and dedicated, he recommends playing in winter tournaments because it is the “fastest way to get better.”

Snyder himself is participating in the PGA Winter Championships Stroke Play Championship this week at PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Using last year’s PGA Championship as a measuring stick, Snyder aims to improve his putting mechanics including his set up and posture. “I found in that arena of nerves, though I was rolling it well, I had a hard time getting the ball to the hole,” he stressed.

Fixing his putting posture and mechanics have become great “winter projects.”

He uses the Goodrich Golf Dome in Maplewood, MN to teach in the winter. The dome provides ample area for his students to practice their short game.

“Come spring, my players are dialed in with their wedges from all different yardages, which is a very valuable asset” said Snyder.

“The winter is best used to teach mechanics and the rest (scoring, game management, and playing the game) can be discussed in season and simulated on the course.”

Obviously, the winter allows for more down time; but it is important to use that time wisely.

“The mental work is 24/7,” he said.

It is important to stay in tune with golf whether it may be reading and studying, formulating a game plan, or setting goals for the upcoming season.

One final piece of advice from Snyder,

“My advice is to get addicted, fall in love with the game and welcome the grind!”

The grind never stops… rain, snow or shine.

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