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Kate Smith Aims to Become First to Win 5 Consecutive State Titles

May 16, 2016

Kate Smith of Detroit Lakes, MN has been playing varsity golf since seventh grade. Now, in the final season of her high school golf career, she hopes to become the most decorated high school golfer the state of Minnesota has ever seen.

“Winning my fifth straight state title would mean that all of my hard work has paid off,” said the University of Nebraska bound Smith. “Reaching that ultimate goal of getting the record, it means all of the time spent practicing was worth it.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Smith is going for her fifth straight Class AA State title this year, June 14-15 at Ridges at Sand Creek in Jordan, MN.

Kate SmithShe understands what this record would mean for her high school legacy and career, especially the additional pressure that comes with it. “It is a lot of pressure. I have dealt with pressure in the past which definitely helps, but I can’t imagine ending my high school career on a different note,” she emphasized.

It is hard to argue she hasn’t overcome pressure before; considering she won her first state title as just an eighth grader. Not something you expect out of a person at that age, but the talent is undeniable.

Although there is a lot at stake with the record, Smith wants to focus on the task at hand and treat this year’s tournament the same as she does every year.

“Recognizing that it’s there but not worrying about it. Using it as motivation to prepare more and work harder. I don’t think it will be too different, at the end of the day it is the same game,” Smith said.

The individual title is not the only championship on her mind come June. She has traveled to the state tournament with her team every year winning titles in 2012,2013 and 2014, but Detroit Lakes came up short last year.

“To be able to win the team championship with a different group of players than previous years and as a captain this year; that would be special too.”

Believe it or not, Smith has been improving each season and has some goals of her own she wants to accomplish throughout the season leading up to state.

“I would like to go as low as possible. Break some course records as well as some personal records.”

Ultimately, the real test is in June, and it is hard to imagine a different outcome than Smith cementing her name in Minnesota State High School Golf history.

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