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Golf Fitness Professional Brad Pluth Gets Innovative with Progressive Golf System

May 18, 2016

Golf has been in search of new, innovative ways to introduce kids and beginners to the game of golf while making if fun and not too time-consuming.

Golf Fitness Professional and Director of Instruction, Brad Pluth, has done just this with his new Golf Achievement Progressive Golf System. With the goal in mind to make golf fun and friendly for beginners, specifically younger kids, Pluth has devised a Golf Achievement system that can be used on any course.

Brad Pluth

“I am often asked by parents, how do I get my kid started in golf ?” Pluth said.”The worst thing I think you can do is take them out for 9 holes because they will hate the game.”

Pluth is not alone in this sentiment. Many longtime golfers agree on the importance of providing outlets and practices beyond simply playing 9 or 18 holes to attract and peak the interest of beginners and juniors.

“I have trained all of my kids this same way,” he said. “They all love riding in the carts, so I’ll drop them off at 50 or 100 yards and let them take one club. They will beat the ball until they get on the green and putt the rest of the way.”

Pluth added, “it’s fun, they’re tired. They’re usually asleep by the time we get out of the parking lot.”

He mentioned how daunting the 500-yard, Par-5’s can be for juniors who can only hit the ball about 50-70 yards. It just isn’t fun for them. “The Golf Achievement system is based on this concept that when they can reach a certain scoring zone on the course, they will progress to a higher stage in difficulty—moving to a farther beginning yardage.” Pluth likened his system to earning a higher rank, colored belt in Karate.

As the juniors’ goals are reached, the game begins to become more entertaining and the competitive drive starts to set in.

“Parents love it,” Pluth emphasized. “They can stick to a plan, and they know the plan works because kids have gone on to our U.S. Kids Local Tour and played in Minnesota PGA Junior Golf events.”

The creativity and passion that Pluth has for growing the game and introducing the sport to kids is something that every PGA Professional should embody.

For complete details and instructions on the Golf Achievement Progressive Golf System, click here.

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