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Section Member Reigstad Enjoying New Role at Gentry Academy

August 23, 2016

Section Member Jon Reigstad has recently accepted a position at Gentry Academy as the Director of Golf. In his first year at Gentry Academy, Reigstad has embraced the atmosphere and culture of the school.

“It’s been great. We preach education first, but we also show them how to be leaders,” said Reigstad, who is also the Director of Instruction at Keller Golf Course. “And at the same time, we give them the opportunity to train in their respective sports during the day.”

Jon Reigstad

Gentry Academy was founded on the belief of providing excellence in academics, leadership and athletics. Their mission is as follows; attending Gentry Academy is an elite opportunity not afforded to every student. Your child deserves not only the best opportunities to learn and grow but should also enjoy the advantage of being surrounded by highly-skilled peers who will simultaneously challenge and support them. During these critical years, we believe it is important to mold character, leadership and a commitment to excellence. Our unique mentoring approach to learning encourages older students to be actively involved in the development of their younger peers.

Gentry Academy, currently based in Arden Hills at their corporate location, is awaiting the construction of their brand-new campus. The new location will be on the Vadnais Heights Sports Center campus.

Specifically for golf, Reigstad will be able to use the campus’ golf dome and simulators to host sessions in the winter. Otherwise, he utilizes Keller Golf Course for the majority of his classes in the fall and spring.

Gentry Academy is in its first year of offering golf as a program within the school. As mentioned above, the golf program will include both indoor and outdoor sessions depending on the season. Each session will be 2 hours per day for a 10 hour total per week.

The indoor schedule is broken up into two separate hours, one for instruction and the other for coaching. The outdoor session will consist of Reigstad playing alongside the student, monitoring his or her play at Keller Golf Course. When necessary, he will utilize the academy’s practice facilities, which include driving range, pitching/chipping area, putting green, and sand bunker.

If this program is something your child(s) would be interested in learning more about, please contact Jon Reigstad at 651-335-2510 or at

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